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Join Us Nov 2016 – Show & Tell

Time & Place

Sunday, Nov 27, 2016, 1:30-3:30
Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA

Program – Show & Tell

Please bring items you’re working on to show & tell.


Please bring your charity items for donation.


All are welcome. RSVP to fishnetcrocheters@gmail.com if you plan to attend. Please do not call the shop.


Trip to Coveted Yarns, Gloucester, MA

In June, Fishnets traveled to Coveted Yarns in Gloucester for their first summer meeting. We spent time collecting and tagging items for another window display at the Woolpack in Acton. After exchanging contact information and schedules for the upcoming CGOA Chain Link Conference in July, we shopped till we dropped. Coveted Yarns is a fabulous shop and owner Robert was very helpful to us to be sure we were happy with our purchases. Here are some of our show and tell items for the month.

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Limpet Stitch

Once again, April was a fun meeting. We were treated to delicious cookies made by Elizabeth. Lots of wonderful show and tells, following a lesson on the Limpet Stitch. The stitch was featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Crochet! Magazine. Thanks to Karen for her excellent leadership.

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Crocheting & Sharing

March was a relaxing meeting to just crochet and chat and share our FOs and WIPs. Here’s a peak at our goodies:

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And another temperature scarf completed.

Spinning with a Drop Spindle

February’s meeting was a special program — An Introduction to Spinning Your Own Yarn!!!

Our own Shawna Beaudoin presented a wonderful interactive program, giving all who wanted to play an opportunity to try their hand at spinning with a drop spindle. Shawna shared some interesting tidbits of spinning history. She taught us about spindles and the basic physics of the different ones, how to turn the spindle, different fibers, skeining, plying, and twist. It was great fun. Shawna is an excellent teacher and we are very grateful to her for sharing her talent with us.

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And here are what Fishnets have been up to recently!fn201402d

Two Temperature Scarves have been completed!!! They are LOOONNNGGGGG!


Yankee Yarn Swap

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Fishnets like to unwind with a little fun with their Yankee Yarn Swap. To participate, attendees must bring a gift of yarn, enough to make a scarf. Yarn need not be newly purchased, but it must be unused and clean with the ball band attached. It’s always a lot of fun to see what gets passed around the room.

December’s show and tell offered up scarves, including temperature scarves, charity blankets, toys, and a fabulous Minion.


Adding Beads to Crochet

October was another full house and another meeting filled with fun. First up, show and tell was a treat with amigurumi and baby items:


The bulk of the meeting was spent with Fishnet Crocheters exploring many various ways to apply beads to their crochet. Worsted weight yarn and large pony beads were used so that crocheters could easily see what they were doing. Techniques included pre-stringing beads and applying them as you crochet. Crocheters were able to practice with the chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, and picots.


Stitch Demo: Catherine Wheel

Meetings resumed at the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington. We will continue to meet here during the coming school year unless otherwise posted. We enjoyed another session of show and tell, learned information about more charity projects for us to participate in, and then learned a new stitch, the 2 color Catherine Wheel.

We also tagged items for our window display at the Woolpack yarn shop in Acton. Crocheted items from the group will be on display through the month of October. Please visit the shop!

Congratulations are in order for several members of the Fishnet who won ribbons for their work at the Big E. In addition to entering crocheted items, some Fishnets entered in other categories as well – dolls-making and weaving.

Super Show & Tell

This was our 3rd and last summer meeting at the Woolpack. It has been a pleasure to use their space and we thank all the staff for their generous hospitality toward our group. We were pleased to be joined by Tamny Davis. Tammy is part of the Woolpack staff and their crochet teacher. Welcome Tammy! We hope to see you at more of our meetings. We treated each other to a wonderful display of crocheted goodness with our super show and tell.


How to Enter Your Crochet Projects at the Big E

Our June meeting was held at the Woolpack in Acton Ma. Projects shared included temperature scarves from our crochet-along, sweaters, and shawls.

Following show and tell, our guest speaker was Jane Chapman from the Big E who spoke to us about entering our finest crochet items into the fair.