Membership Benefits

Fishnet Crocheters membership is free. Become a member by attending a meeting.

Message Board: Once you attend a meeting, you will be invited to our yahoo groups message board where we share meeting handouts, tips, information about local events, reminders of upcoming meetings, a place to ask questions, etc.

Lending Library: You will also have access to the member’s lending library, maintained through the yahoo group, where members have listed books and items they are willing to lend to other members.

Members Only Events: Occasionally we host members only events, some more social, some crochet-related.

Monthly Programs & Meetings: We hold monthly meetings where we show and tell our current projects and encourage and help each other. We invite members or guests to demo a variety of techniques or projects, talk about a craft related to crochet, or a speak about crochet events.

Field Trips: Some of our events include field trips to crochet, yarn or fiber related events, shops, or museums.

Goodie Bags & Discounts: Some of our speakers have brought goodies to share (e.g. small beading kit, yarn samples). And some of our field trips have included goodie bags or discounts on purchases.

Resources & Trends: Stay up-to-date on new resources for crocheting and crafting. Our members have a variety of interests and we are always sharing something new!

Connections: Meet like-minded people who love crochet as much as you do. Learn from each other as we try new techniques and projects.

We are a chapter of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). Membership in CGOA is very affordable. You do not have to be a member of CGOA to be a member of the Fishnet Crocheters chapter. Many of our members have chosen to do both, as there are many benefits to CGOA membership.


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