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August 2015 Agenda – Conference Report

Time & Place

Sunday, August 30, 2015, 1:30-3:30 pm
Fabric Place Basement, Natick, MA

We will be in the “back room” so you might need to ask a staff person where to go, if it’s not obvious when you first walk in. In the winter it can be a bit cool, but in the summer it should be pleasant!


Members who went to the CGOA Conference in San Diego this July will report on what it was like! Check out the CGOA Blog for updates on award winners.


Save your Warmer Winters donations until September but feel free to bring your Oddball Baby Blankets to pass.


All are welcome. RSVP to fishnetcrocheters@gmail.com if you plan to attend. Please do not call the shop.

Registration is open for the Knit & Crochet Show! 

The Knit & Crochet Show will be in San Diego, CA this year.
More information:

CGOA Chain Link Conference (Manchester, NH)

A large contingent of Fishnets attended the annual CGOA Chain Link conference. We are so fortunate that the conference comes to Manchester, NH so often. We attend classes, shop the market, and generally have a good time together.

This year, 2 of our members had items on display in vendor booths.


Yarn bombing is all the rage:

And the design competition is always inspiring!

Wearing our finest crochet!

fn2014cl4 fn2014cl5

And hobnobbing with the incomparable Doris Chan!


July 7-10: Chain Link Conference

The Annual CGOA Chain Link Conference, held in Manchester, NH, was attended by many, many Fishnet Crocheters. In addition to attending events, shopping at the market, Fishnets took many classes including Venetian Lace, Fair Isle Crochet, Tunisian Crochet, Intermeshing, Finishing Techniques, Broomstick Lace, and many, many more.

Our Chapter President showed us all how to have a good time:


Fishnets spent a few relaxing moments together:

And then headed off to class with Lily Chin:

The banquet was great fun:


And the fashion show was a delight to watch:


Dona Cerulee Prepares for Chain Link

Dona Cerulee once again is preparing to attend the CGOA annual Chain Link Conference.  In order to help Dona remain with her group, Fishnet Crocheter Marcia crocheted a special ‘snuggly’ for Dona to ride in and a small fishnet bag for her yarn and hooks.  This year, Dona is being joined by other blue lobsters who have decided that crocheting  with the Fishnet Crocheters is just too much fun to miss!


Dona Cerulee Attends Chain Link 2009 in August

Dona traveled to Buffalo, NY for the Crochet Guild of America’s 15th annual Chain Link Conference.  Buffalo rolled out the welcome mats for attendees.

Even the painted Buffalo standing watch in the Convention Center lobby offered a cheerful greeting.

The first night, there was a full moon over the city:

Dona was eager to get started in on classes — and especially enjoyed learning about Celtic Lace.

Chain Link Conference, Manchester, NH (2008)

Over the past weekend, several Fishnet Crocheters attended the annual CGOA Chain Link Conference. First up, Professional Development Day, where Rita Weiss and Jein Leinhauser gave a marvelous presentation on publishing.

Classes that Fishnet Crocheters attended included Needle Tatting, Crochet 101, Half Double Happiness, Pushmi-Pullyu, Mosaic Crochet, Hairpin Lace, Crochet Beaded Ropes, the Savvy Single Crochet, and many more. Here are some pictures of the group learning, having fun, and crocheting.