Dona Cerule

Dona Cerule joined the Fishnet Crocheters in 2008. She hails from the icy North Atlantic waters off the coast of New England. Dona is a lady of nobility – her Boston blue blood (well, shell) is testament to how rare and precious she is. Recently, Dona narrowly escaped entrapment by a crew of New England lobstermen who had hoped to profit from her exquisite coloring. Realizing how lucky she was, Dona came ashore and joined the Fishnet Crocheters. Her tribulation made her realize that there are better things to do with fishnet than to hook innocent sea creatures into captivity. So much better to use your hooking talents to crochet items of beauty, if not utility. Dona has become a Fishnet Crocheter extraordinaire. She magically spins her yarn from the pearl of a delicate oyster. And as she wraps herself in her fibers, she is ever grateful to hold hook in hand (well, claw) and crochet away…….

Dona’s Projects:
Dona takes the fishnets left in the ocean and makes shawls and snoods for the mermaids. They were complaining about their hair getting into their eyes while sitting on the rocks. They also felt a chill sitting on the rocks with the wind blowing. Dona, ever helpful, came to the rescue.

Dona is very close friends with Davy Jones. He has a standing order for vests and watch caps. Dona, always aware of the environment not only uses discarded sea nets, but she also crochets with sea weed. Mr. Swordfish is also a close friend, and he cuts sea nets for Dona to use. The octopus rolls it up in balls for her and the manta ray delivers a back full. If Dona visits her friends on sunken ships the electric eel comes along to provide light so Dona can see her stitches. You can see her handiwork on some sunken ships in the curtains she has made for the portholes per request of the mermen and mermaids.

We are pleased that Dona Cerule has joined our humble group. Please watch for updates on Dona’s adventures in crochet. We expect nothing but sheer inspiration from her!


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