CGOA Warm Up America Challenge 2017

The Challenge

The Fishnet Crocheters along with many other chapters participated in the CGOA Warm Up America Challenge this year.

We were tasked with making as many 7″ x 9″ blocks (per the Warm Up America guidelines) as we could between January 3rd, when the content was announced & July 1st, just in time for winners to be announced at Chain Link.

The Winners

Each chapter competed for prizes. The chapters with the highest average blocks per member won prizes. Red Heart sponsored cash prizes for each winning chapter which were awarded at the conference at the Excellence in Crochet event.

Fishnet Crocheters of New England did NOT win the prize for the most blocks made for Warm Up America, but Red Heart, as a sponsor, awarded each participating chapter with some yarn to help make more blankets.

Participating CGOA chapters made a total of 8,970 blocks, if you can picture that. The winning chapter, AStitch4You from Evarts, Kentucky, has only five members, who made a total of 716 blocks. Hard to compete with numbers like that!

Dona Cerule busily taking inventory of the completed blocks for the Warm Up America Challenge.

Our Charity

Due to the volume CGOA anticipated, we were asked not to use Warm Up America as an intermediary, but to choose a charity and assemble the blocks into blankets ourselves.

At one of our summer meetings, we selected HugCrafters as our charity and will be assembling blankets for Spaulding Rehab. We will be making lapghans for folks in wheel chairs.


It is time for us to assemble the blocks we made for the Challenge. HugCrafters’ guideline is to make wool-free blankets that are approximately 3′ x 4′. Square is OK, but this rectangular size is more practical. 20 of our WUA blocks will make a 3′ square blanket, 25 blocks will make a 3′ x 4′ blanket.

Mary will bring the blocks we’ve been collecting to the August Meeting so anyone who wants to help assemble blankets can pick through and choose their colors. She will also bring some black acrylic yarn to share for assembly.

If you have made any additional blocks, or have acrylic yarn of any color you’d like to donate to the project, please bring them to the August meeting. This yarn will be used for joining, boarders, or filling in additional blocks to make complete blankets.


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