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Limpet Stitch

Once again, April was a fun meeting. We were treated to delicious cookies made by Elizabeth. Lots of wonderful show and tells, following a lesson on the Limpet Stitch. The stitch was featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Crochet! Magazine. Thanks to Karen for her excellent leadership.

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Stitch Demo: Catherine Wheel

Meetings resumed at the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington. We will continue to meet here during the coming school year unless otherwise posted. We enjoyed another session of show and tell, learned information about more charity projects for us to participate in, and then learned a new stitch, the 2 color Catherine Wheel.

We also tagged items for our window display at the Woolpack yarn shop in Acton. Crocheted items from the group will be on display through the month of October. Please visit the shop!

Congratulations are in order for several members of the Fishnet who won ribbons for their work at the Big E. In addition to entering crocheted items, some Fishnets entered in other categories as well – dolls-making and weaving.

Linked Stitches

Many thanks to Fishnet Karen for leading us in a demonstration of linked stitches. ¬† ¬†Charity items were collected to be distributed in time for Mother’s Day, including this shawl.


Crazy Stitch

Crocheters gathered back at the library for another round of fall and winter meetings. Stitch for the month is the Crazy Stitch.


Seed Stitch Field Trip & Stacked Clusters

Fishnet Crocheters were fortunate to travel to Salem, MA for their June meeting where they were hosted by the Seed Stitch Fine Yarn shop.

Crocheters brought books for the shop owner to review and consider as one of her shop offerings.


We were joined by the shop’s crochet teacher for a time of sharing and crocheting.

After show and tell, Fishnets got down to work on their new stitch: Stacked clusters


Cross Stitch

As usual, Fishnets were treated to a wonderful display of Show and Tell, including the start of this fun picture-ghan by Lisa.


May’s stitch was the cross stitch. Fishnet Crocheter Karen shared several variations with us, and then we got down to work on our squares.


Post Stitches

In addition to working on the month’s stitch, Fishnets stuffed newly crocheted totes with a myriad of toiletries as part of our spring charity project.

More finished squares were collected:


Granny Squares

Fishnets were led in a lesson on Granny squares and their variations:


In addition to our usual crocheting time, Fishnet Crocheters showed off their other talents and interests, including:

Scrap booking and card making:


Celtic Knots:
Doll Making:

Stained glass creations:



The Star Stitch

We have a new lobster bell to bring the meeting to order! Moss Stitch squares were collected, and the Star Stitch was begun!


The Moss Stitch

Fishnets hosted the director of the Creative Arts Exhibits at the Eastern States to learn about entering their creations in the fair for September 2010. Following our discussion, we began work on our first stitch of the year, the Moss Stitch.