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Crocheted Sock Workshop ~ Part 3

Today’s meeting concentrated on adding the afterthought heel to the socks:

fishnet200908a fishnet200908b

And one crocheter arrived wearing her finished socks, set off by her ‘glass’ shoes:



Dona Cerulee Learns to Crochet Socks

After a hiatus at sea to visit oceanic friends and relatives, Dona Cerulee came ashore to join the Fishnet Crocheters for their Crocheted Sock Workshop.  Unlike her human companions who only need to make 2 socks to complete a set, Dona needs 8 socks to keep each of her tootsies clad in what is hot in crochet fashion.  Withe the help of the other Fishnets, Dona was able to crawl away with 4 socks completed.


Crocheted Sock Workshop ~ Part 2

Today Fishnets met for Part 2 of the summer sock workshop.

While some were just beginning their toes:


others had completed their foot and created the heel opening: fishnet200907c

while still others were making progress up the leg:


And Dona Cerulee joined the group to see what the sock craze was all about: fishnet200907d

Read more about Dona’s own attempts at making socks.

Crocheted Sock Workshop ~ Part 1

Fishnet Crocheters began a 3 part sock workshop which will last through the summer.  Today,  we learned about sock yarns, types of heel construction, and how to create a stretchy sock fabric.   Using the Toe Up Sock instructions by Linda Diak from Grafton Fibers, we began on the toe and foot.


Next month — we’ll create the heel opening and work on the leg and cuff.