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Dona Cerulee Prepares for Chain Link

Dona Cerulee once again is preparing to attend the CGOA annual Chain Link Conference.  In order to help Dona remain with her group, Fishnet Crocheter Marcia crocheted a special ‘snuggly’ for Dona to ride in and a small fishnet bag for her yarn and hooks.  This year, Dona is being joined by other blue lobsters who have decided that crocheting  with the Fishnet Crocheters is just too much fun to miss!



Dona Cerulee Attends Chain Link 2009 in August

Dona traveled to Buffalo, NY for the Crochet Guild of America’s 15th annual Chain Link Conference.  Buffalo rolled out the welcome mats for attendees.

Even the painted Buffalo standing watch in the Convention Center lobby offered a cheerful greeting.

The first night, there was a full moon over the city:

Dona was eager to get started in on classes — and especially enjoyed learning about Celtic Lace.

Dona Cerulee Learns to Crochet Socks

After a hiatus at sea to visit oceanic friends and relatives, Dona Cerulee came ashore to join the Fishnet Crocheters for their Crocheted Sock Workshop.  Unlike her human companions who only need to make 2 socks to complete a set, Dona needs 8 socks to keep each of her tootsies clad in what is hot in crochet fashion.  Withe the help of the other Fishnets, Dona was able to crawl away with 4 socks completed.