CGOA Chain Link 2017 Conference

This display, entitled The Crochet Queen Bee by Gina Rose Gallina was just amazing! At full human height, it took up an entire corner of the crochet lounge. The entire dress, wig, flowers, bees, etc. were all crocheted.


A few of us Fishnet Crocheters went to the CGOA Chain Link Conference in Illinois this year.

Every year design competition entries are set out for all attendees to see. This year, the display was in the crochet lounge.

We took a field trip to Kinokuniya Books, a Japanese bookstore in the Chicago area to check out their selection of Japanese crochet books.


There are several design award categories and winners are chosen by experienced judges. But there is also a vote open to all attendees for the people’s choice favorite.

We took classes, crocheted in public, met other crochet enthusiasts. We saw items entered into the design competition and attended a crochet fashion show.

We also brought home a lot of new ideas for our crochet chapter.


Enjoy some photos from the conference design competition and crochet displays.

It’s a great place to see new techniques and materials. The item on the left was crocheted entirely of wire.






This free form crocheted wall hanging may have been the people’s choice winner.


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